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New Speakers!
Do you know someone who would make a great speaker during our breakfast meetings? If so, send the speaker's name and contact information to our Vice President of Speakers, Leslie Bridger

Or, if you are looking for someone to talk at your event, try the Memorial Toastmasters.

They provide a friendly and supportive environment where you can practice public speaking and reach your personal communication goals. You are welcome to attend their meeting as a guest and see how you can benefit from the Toastmasters program. You can attend the meeting for free, and you won't have to give a speech!
Just sit back, listen, watch, and enjoy.

The Memorial Toastmasters meet every Wednesday night from 7-9 p.m. at:
Beatrice Watts Boardroom
Bruneau Centre for Research
(formerly Inco Centre)

You can also contact Memorial Toastmasters via FaceBook or twitter @MUNToastmasters

Previous Speakers
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September, 2019 Jenn Wicks When you stop believing your thoughts: Life lessons from endurance cycling Joel Sweeney
August, 2019 Sheldon Crocker Keep On Walking A Member
July, 2019 Ankur Sheohare Road to Success a member
June, 2019 Douglas Elton How positivity and action can help overcome fear Christina Howe
May, 2019 Hasan Hai THRIVING, DINING & JIVING: A Dinner | Dance | Silent Auction in support of CMHA-NL a member
April, 2019 Jody Williams Is happiness possible? a member
March, 2019 Mark Baker CEO Motivated Maids Inc. It is only a fail if you don't get back up a member
February, 2019 TA Loeffler Ph.D. Life as a Mountainous Journey Terri Myers
January, 2019 Jackie Mccaan-Scott Money, Mindfulness & Momentum - Moving You Forward in 2019 Leslie Bridger
December, 2018 Santa Claus Christmas Carols Sonia Byrne
November, 2018 Morgan MacDonald Working Towards Success: Being Prepared for Opportunity Glenda Little
October, 2018 Tonya Whittle Finding Faith a member
September, 2018 Judith Royle What pushes your buttons? Why telling you to get over it just doesn't work. Katie Hussey
August, 2018 Carolyn Norberg The Incident Sheldon Crocker
July, 2018 Andrew Safer Mindfulness in the Workplace Dominique Hurley
June, 2018 Bill Gaulton Me and Affirmations Bill
May, 2018 Ralph Barrett Doin' Good does you Good a member
April, 2018 Terri Myers The Value of A Sunny Disposition Joel Sweeney
March, 2018 Leslie Bridger A Healing Journey With Mother Earth Dave Rudofsky
February, 2018 Ryan Osbourne Good, Better, Best Mindset Dave Rudofsky
January, 2018 Aiden Hibbs Staying Positive in a changing industry Karen Humby
December, 2017 Santa Claus Christmas Carols a member
November, 2017 Ed Hollett Confessions of a Professional 10th Man Sonia Byrne
October, 2017 Captain Glenn McMullin Achieving Success from failure Katie Hussey
September, 2017 Sandy Cooper Small Daily Habits That Have a Big Impact on Aging Well Terri Myers
August, 2017 Alick Tsui Just another break in the wall John Snow
July, 2017 Jonathan Hickman Giving the Gift of Life Daphne King
June, 2017 Terri Myers Laughter REALLY IS the Best Medicine Cyril Fitzgerald
May, 2017 Denika Philpott Overcomer Bill Gaulton
April, 2017 Barry Rogers Let excellence be your Brand Daphne MacNeil
March, 2017 Don-E Coady & Michelle Snow The Experience of a Life Time - The Governor Generals Leadership Conference Daphne King
February, 2017 Jessica Hill The Healing Power of Positive Thinking Katie Hussey
January, 2017 Jacinta McGrath Which Mountain will you climb Jessica Hill
December, 2016 Santa Claus Christmas Carols
November, 2016 Geofff Eaton 1% is not 0% Glen Nosesworthy
October, 2016 Ben Dalton I AM LOVE Lorna Walters
September, 2016 Judith Royle OK I've Got This! It's Amazing What You Can Do When You Have To. Alick Tsui
August, 2016 Terri Myers I come bearing gifts Daphne King
July, 2016 Jesse Stirling Meet Your True, Ever-Positive Self Through Meditation Glen Rose
June, 2016 Debbie Hanlon Mistakes you gotta make to make it Dave Rudofsky
May, 2016 Rosalind Pinsent A Grain Of Mustard. Cyril Fitzgerald
April, 2016 Jason Dicks Dream Again John Snow
March, 2016 Brenda Earles Haiti: An Experience in Providing Medical Care in the Third World Post Natural Disaster Leslie Bridger
February, 2016 Katy Warren Using Canada's Biggest Smile to Become Canada's Smartest Person. Alick Tsui
January, 2016 Brenda Earles [Cancelled due to Weather] Alick Tsui
December, 2015 Santa Claus Christmas Carols
November, 2015 Donovan Taplin Elected at 19 What I've Learned about Wholehearted Leadership Terri Myers
October, 2015 Jim Flynn May Your Choices Reflect Your Hopes, Not Your Fears Katie Hussey
September, 2015 Corina Walsh The Truth About a Calling Bonnie Edgecomb
August, 2015 Deanne Ryan Watch Me Daphne MacNeill
July, 2015 Shaun Hibbs The True Connection Debbie Tiller
June, 2015 Joanne Elton It Happens Terri Myers
May, 2015 Rosalind Pinsent Remember Who You Are Daphne MacNeil
April, 2015 April Miller Creating Space for the Life You Want Karen Humby
March, 2015 Brian Carey Photography, A Personal Journey Leslie Bridger
February, 2015 Marie-Beth Wright Living--Attend to it while you are in it! Joel Sweeney
January, 2015 Lori Savory From the Belly Up - Finding Myself Through Bellydance Lisa Payne
December, 2014 Santa Claus Christmas Carols
November, 2014 Ida Young No Turning Back: Surviving the Linehan Family Tragedy Terri Myers
October, 2014 Dr. Laura Nurse Preventing and reversing chronic disease with a natural lifestyle Alick Tsui
September, 2014 Kathy Stock Blessing in Disguise Daphne King
August, 2014 Lynn Randell-Childs ZUMBA Fitness, not just an ordinary fitness class.... but so much more for your mind, body and soul! Glenn Rose
July, 2014 Christa Steeves Can't Buy Me Love Joel Sweeney
June, 2014 Judith Royle Tour Guide For Your Life's Journey Karen Humby
May, 2014 Dana Meadus You Can Make a Difference Don Hart
April, 2014 Eric White From Positive Thoughts Comes Positive Language
March, 2014 Gary Summers Change Your Thinking Change your life Terri Myers
February, 2014 Lorne Rostotski Silver Jubilee Bill Gaulton
January, 2014 Lisa Payne Live in Possibility Barry Green
December, 2013 Santa Claus Christmas Carols
November, 2013 Leslie Bridger It's Time, to Fall in Love With the Most Important Person in Your Life...YOURSELF! Barry Green
October, 2013 Ryan Snodden Storm Chasing in Tornada Alley Lisa Payne
September, 2013 Christine Care MADD Avalon - Helping Victims, Saving Lives. Terri Myers
August, 2013 Barry Lewis Green Kiss Your Bliss Thoughts on L.O.V.E. as Leadership Alick Tsui
July, 2013 Dan Dillon Training for Success - The Entrepreneurship Training Program (ETP) for International Graduate Students Dominique Hurley
June, 2013 Kimberly Churchill From Helpless to Hopeful Synopsis Alick Tsui
May, 2013 Dominque Hurley Living an Inspired Life: Listening to Your Higher Self and Moving Into Action Cyril Fitzgerald
April, 2013 Florence Strang Fighting Cancer with Attitude! Joel Sweeney
March, 2013 Edsel Bonnell Best Before Terri Myers
February, 2013 Dr Craig Stone Dirty Hands - Can't be Happy Without Them! Alick Tsui
January, 2013 Shelley Neville How does an opera singer living in St John's Newfoundland make a living? Bill Gaulton
December, 2012 Santa Claus2 Christmas Carols null
November, 2012 Paul White Life Lessons in Reality from the 'King of Silver' and Bipolar Depression John Snow
October, 2012 Joel Sweeney Finding your Voice Dave Rudofsky
September, 2012 Kathy Hickman Change your Paradigm...
Change your Life
Karen Humby
August, 2012 Stefanie Finn Out of Your Comfort Zone Alick Tsui
July, 2012 Brent Beshara From Bombs to Beliefs. Cyril Fitzgerald
June, 2012 Kathleen Mercer Recipe for Wellness:
The Mind-Body Connection
Dave Rudofsky
May, 2012 Chef Roary MacPherson The guy from Rural Newfoundland
who said I can
Alick Tsui
April, 2012 Dr. Paul Gardiner Who Is Driving Your Bus? Bill Gaulton
March, 2012 Kathy Hickman Cancelled due to Weather Terri Myers
February, 2012 Steve Callahan Pave The High Road...
How to Have Your Best Year Yet!
Cyril Fitzgerald
January, 2012 Dr. Paul Gardiner Cancelled due to Weather Cyril Fitzgerald
November, 2011 Ron Fitzpatrick Addictions and the Family Unit Glenn Jackson
October, 2011 Lorraine Best Elder Abuse A Best Kept Secret Joel Sweeney
September, 2011 Jennifer Trask Living Your Passions And Creating Your Best Life! Bill Gaulton
August, 2011 Gary Summers Subconscious Programming Cyril Fitzgerald
July, 2011 Dr. Lloyd Brown Against All Odds John Snow
June, 2011 Dave D'Entremont My Life's Journey Karen Humby
May, 2011 Lorne Pritchett How do you mend a broken heart? Alick Tsui
April, 2011 Deborah Glassman The Importance of Communication and Community Engagement Bill Gaulton
March, 2011 Peter Soucy Move, Talk, Laugh - A Lazy-Mans Guide to Optimism Cyril Fitzgerald
February, 2011 Amanda Maynard Energy - Mind, body and spirit Joel Sweeney
January, 2011 Gerry Squires Gerry Squires: My Life as a Newfoundland Artist John Snow
November, 2010 Shannon Fisher You Are Your Own Hero Alick Tsui
October, 2010 Rhonda O'Keefe Following your Hearts Desire Bill Gaulton
September, 2010 Bonnie Lundrigan Dream It, Intend It, Live It! Cyril Fitzgerald
August, 2010 Rhonda Tulk-Lane Be Careful What You Wish For! Joel Sweeney
July, 2010 Carl George Putting the fun back into Holistic Wellness Alick Tsui
June, 2010 Ross Reid Stories of Commitment and Courage from the Dust Karen Humby
May, 2010 Edsel Bonnell Extended Warranty Wanda Heffern
April, 2010 Gail Courtney Blazing the Trail Dave Rudofsky
March, 2010 Marie White My life as I know it Joel Sweeney
February, 2010 Eric White Bill Gaulton
January, 2010 Jeremy Bennett My Hidden Life Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Cyril Fitzgerald