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Do you know someone who would make a great speaker during our breakfast meetings? If so, send the speaker’s name and contact information to our Vice President of Speakers, Deanna Hann.

Or, if you are looking for someone to talk at your event, try the Memorial Toastmasters.

They provide a friendly and supportive environment where you can practice public speaking and reach your personal communication goals. You are welcome to attend their meeting as a guest and see how you can benefit from the Toastmasters program. You can attend the meeting for free, and you won’t have to give a speech!
Just sit back, listen, watch, and enjoy.

The Memorial Toastmasters meet every Wednesday night from 7-9 p.m. at:
Beatrice Watts Boardroom
Bruneau Centre for Research
(formerly Inco Centre)

You can also contact Memorial Toastmasters via FaceBook or Twitter.

May 25 Breakfast meeting with Leslie Bridger

Imagine reaching the end of your life only to discover you had overlooked your true essence – a powerful, energetic being, perfect and complete, crafted in the image of the Universal Energy. This eye-opening realization was Leslie Bridger’s profound experience following a near-fatal bicycle accident in 2005. During her miraculous near-death experience, Leslie embarked on…

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April 27th Breakfast Speaker: Sean Callahan

Here is our next guest speaker – Sean Callahan Sean has focused his life towards personal well-being, embracing the great outdoors with hiking and biking, and adopting a nutrition regime that lives by the mantra “my food, my medicine.” His approach to life, focusing on the elemental act of breathing and the conscious choices we…

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March Breakfast Meeting with Jeff Blackwood

We’re delighted to welcome our next guest speaker, an entrepreneur, author, and martial artist who has a wealth of wisdom to share with us – Jeff Blackwood.  Jon us for The Power of Positive Thinking: Another Real-Life Story,  to inspire us for the Easter weekend. We are looking forward to this one!

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Feb 24 Breakfast Meeting with Mike Wahl: Health Explored

Join Dr. Mike Wahl as he shares the lessons he’s learned in health from around the world. During the filming of his health documentary series Health Explored, he travelled to the shores of New Zealand, the mountains of the Himalayas, the forest of Tokyo and desert of the Sahara learning about aspects of health ranging…

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