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Dawn Gough


"Trash the Disposable Mindset with Eco-Mindfulness (and Make Money Doing it)"


Dawn Gough has her roots firmly planted in NL and her determination to have a positive impact in her province is evident through her career, education, business endeavours, and community partnerships. She is a proud member of Econext, Epic Engage, and NLOWE, and is the owner of EnTec Consulting, all locally based. She has been educated here too with a Graduate Degree in Technology Management from the Marine Institute. As an experienced environmental professional, business owner, and writer, Dawn has demonstrated innovation through entrepreneurship and by forging environmental and social initiatives which have provided impactful environmental leadership in the province for over 20 years. Having most recently provided regulatory oversight for the duration of the Voisey's Bay Mine Expansion Project, the largest underground mine under construction in Canada, Dawn was able to help extend the sustainability of the mine until at least 2034 while minimizing industrial environmental impact and creating economic benefits for the residents of NL. Dawn believes tangible change that improves workplace safety and prevents harm to the environment is initiated from the top-down, inspiring the leaders of socially and environmentally conscious companies. She is interested in networking with other like-minded individuals in the industry and collaborating on projects. To arrange a meeting, Dawn can be contacted through

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Trash the Disposable Mindset with Eco-Mindfulness (and Make Money Doing it)