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Nick Grimshawe


"If You Change the Way You Look At Things"


Nick worked for 25 years for the Hudson Bay Company where for much of his career he coached sales teams. During that time, Nick took innumerable coaching workshops and seminars. He founded Beautiful Summer Morning in early 2006 which began his adventure in inner transformation. Nick teaches truth seekers how to use the tools of positive affirmations, gratitude practice, mindfulness and meditation to further their individual journey of self-discovery. Nick has facilitated a number of workshops including Prosperity Plus, a Law of Attraction course. He writes and produces a weekly blog. Nick recently created his first course An Affirmations Masterclass. Currently, he is working on producing a 5-day gratitude challenge, and a course of self-love.

Meeting Description

Nick talks about the MAGIC we invoke when we start the process of inner TRANSFORMATION. He will illustrate with personal stories of change and the importance of using positive affirmation in our lives. And also to celebrate our journeys to a more positive mindset.