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Deanna J. Hann


"Is home where the heart is or heart where the home is?"


Deanna is no stranger to the dark. How she became even thankful for her darkest moments guided her to a life of love and light through her creation of the goddess compass. She believes it is her most powerful navigational tool in the universe as she continues to spread her light and love every awakening moment. It truly is my happy place and I want it to be yours too with love and Light Deanna Goddess Compass.

Meeting Description

Would you like to be happier ? Deanna is an author transformational relationship and confidence coach. Her GPS is her Goddess Compass. Deanna has spoken to over 400000 women worldwide about her journey to her happy place. In fact she has even been certified in being happy for no reason. She has been interviewed by world renowned hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold and is working with him on a future project that she is eternally grateful for. She teaches and coaches people world wide on how to just be happy.