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April 27th Breakfast Speaker: Sean Callahan


"Sean Callahan"


Sean’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. From the demanding world of criminal journalism with St. John's Daily News to impactful roles such as Public Affairs Manager at CN and Manager at Carnation/Nestle, Sean has always been at the forefront of innovation and leadership. Perhaps most notably, Sean launched Newfoundland's Cellular Communications in St. John's back in 1990, a pivotal moment in our community's connectivity and technological advancement. But Sean’s vision extended beyond the corporate sphere. In 1994, he founded Caltech Communications, spearheading successive companies with a noble mission to improve our environment – particularly the very air we breathe. His dedication to this cause stems from a deep understanding of the fundamental importance of every breath we take, a realization that profoundly changed his life at the age of 32, when he truly discovered the power of a deep breath. Beyond his professional achievements, Sean has dedicated countless hours to volunteering, a passion instilled in him by his father, his mentor. His commitment has seen him support The Alzheimer's Society, the Canadian Lung Association, and meet individual needs wherever necessary. His work, especially in educating through media, has been a testament to a lifelong voyage towards better health for all.

Meeting Description

Welcoming all of our group members and, any non - member who may become our new budding positive thinkers member come join us at our next breakfast meeting: Saturday April 27th Time: 10:00 (please arrive early to check in) = RSVP by Tuesday April 23 (RSVP IS REQUIRED) Location: Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 1, 57 Blackmarsh Road Cost: $18 members, $20 non-members There are more benefits of being a member besides a discounted breakfast that you will learn about when you arrive. We also have a meet and greet with coffee and tea at 9:30 AM if you would like to interact before breakfast is served. Some of our amazing positive thinkers requested this so we invite you to arrive early before breakfast to interact a little more in this positive venue. RSVP - respond to this email: