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Elaine Dunphy & Barry Lewis Green


"PANDAMONIUM - A Journey of Joy & Zeal "


Elaine Dunphy is a true seeker of JOY! Joy of life, joy of movement, joy of laughter. She firmly believes that there is no such thing as too much joy. Elaine is a Nia Blue Belt and certified instructor with training in Moving to Heal and is committed to helping people connect to their own sense of playfulness. And, Elaine is an Ageless Grace Educator and is certified to offer Ageless Grace Brain Health Fitness classes and has been teaching these classes locally both in person and online since February 2021. Barry Lewis Green is The Unity Guy with Epic Engage; an Educator and Entrepreneur exploring Character as the foundation for leadership and education at school, work, business and community. With 40 years in leadership training and development and 27 years in college education... As a Master Facilitator with The Virtues Project globally, Barry works with educators, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders to help advance conversation and capacity around Character, Purpose and Unity for a better world, locally and globally.

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PANDAMONIUM - A Journey of Joy & Zeal