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Feb 24 Breakfast Meeting with Mike Wahl: Health Explored


"Mike Wahl: Health Explored"


Dr. Mike Wahl, a professor of medicine in the division of biomedical sciences at Memorial University, has dedicated his 25-year career to health education. His passion for wellness has taken him across borders, reaching over 50 countries and giving him the opportunity to share his insights through various platforms - from academia to media, and entrepreneurship. He is notably recognized for his documentary series, "Health Explored," which brings forward unique perspectives on health practices from around the world. From the tranquil forests of Tokyo to the rugged mountains of the Himalayas, Dr. Wahl's journey has introduced him to diverse aspects of health and wellness, including happiness, mindfulness, purpose, and healing.

Meeting Description

We're delighted to invite you to kickstart your day with a nourishing breakfast and an enlightening conversation with our esteemed guest speaker, Dr. Mike Wahl. At our breakfast event, Dr. Wahl will inspire us with lessons learned from his global health exploration. He'll discuss his experiences and share practical tips on how we can incorporate these lessons into our own lives to enhance our understanding of health and wellness. This is a wonderful opportunity to start your day with positivity and inspiration. Let's explore the world of health together and contemplate what health means to each of us. Don't miss out on this chance to fuel your body and mind! RSVP today and join us on a journey to better health. Looking forward to seeing you there!