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May 25th Breakfast Meeting with Leslie Bridger

Join Us for an Uplifting Morning at our next Positive Thinkers Breakfast Meeting.
We are thrilled to announce that our next guest speaker at the Positive Thinkers Breakfast Meeting is none other than Leslie Bridger! Immerse in a morning of inspiration, connection, and empowerment.
Leslie will inspire us with this question: What If?
Imagine reaching the end of your life only to discover you had overlooked your true essence – a powerful, energetic being, perfect and complete, crafted in the image of the Universal Energy. This eye-opening realization was Leslie Bridger’s profound experience following a near-fatal bicycle accident in 2005. During her miraculous near-death experience, Leslie embarked on a transformative life review, uncovering not only her ability to heal beyond expectation but also her destiny to realize her fullest potential.
Leslie will share insights from her extraordinary visit to ‘the other side,’ including the 5 Divine Healing Truths revealed to her. Attendees will leave:
Feeling a deeper connection to their authentic selves,
Equipped with healing tools for immediate application,
Empowered to unveil their Divine magnificence more radiantly than ever before.