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Mick Huerta

Mick Huerta delves into the otherworldly South American story.

John Snow

In typical John fashion, we know he would tell us to “Cheer up! We’re the Positive Thinkers Club!” On September 1, 2022, the Positive Thinkers Club lost one of its…

Deanna J. Hann

Would you like to be happier ? Deanna is an author transformational relationship and confidence coach. Her GPS is her Goddess Compass. Deanna has spoken to over 400000 women worldwide…

Nick Grimshawe

Nick talks about the MAGIC we invoke when we start the process of inner TRANSFORMATION. He will illustrate with personal stories of change and the importance of using positive affirmation…

Dawn Gough

Trash the Disposable Mindset with Eco-Mindfulness (and Make Money Doing it)

Ryan Osborne

Become a Fit Leader: Why NOW is the perfect moment to take ownership of your fitness

Julie Lambert

Julie Lambert – Where the Magic Happens.

Jody Williams

Jody Williams – Key Inner Resources That WE CAN Rely On During a Pandemic.

Truly Live Before you Die! with Leslie Bridger

Check out our October seminar for Positive Thinkers Club. “Truly Live Before you Die!” with Leslie Bridger Come shift energetically. Let Leslie Bridger help you awaken in ways you’ve never…